Accounting service

It is the most popular modul of HCMC.It is suitable for nurslings’ outdoor destination charge registry with legislative requirements. It mades the bill for used service.This program package gives facilities to make bills from the nurslings’ medicine costs,other costs and summing the costs alone or together.

Data handling is very modern,fast. The data-base can de visible. Fixed data can be seen in very aesthetic way.

Of the personal caring basic care outdoor destination charge has to been paid for the social feedig,domestic helping,daily supply,passanger transport.Using the modul, the bill can be stood out.You can see more service costs on one bill.It is fast and easy.If you made the data recording every day, it could be done easily and fast.

Only 5 steps is necessary to do it:
1. step:nursling’s personal data registry,
2. setting the completion time,
3. setting the payment deadline,
4. way of payment (transfer,cash,check), 
5. billable items registry and printing the bill.

Institutional petty cash menu gives facility to record for the necessary cash flow for the operation.

’Accounted service and the differentiated tuition fees’menu show the actual supply costs.Using the modul solves the underfunding problem, because it orders actual costs to the finished tasks.

Our informative film shows the HCMC service modul working in detail.