Registration tasks

It is the most important task for a social provider.

’Medicines registration’ menu:It gives facilities to lead the full medicine store.Institutial medicine inventory can be made by it.In this menu you can write a prescription,leading the full medical examination .

’Donations, material registration ’ menu: It is useful to compile the storage stock of service and lead the warehouse movements.

To handle the nurslings’ property there are 4 menus.

  • Nurslings’ securities registration, 
  • Nurslings’ cash registry, 
  • Nurslings’ depositor's book registration, 
  • Handicappeds’ cash registry.

The providers document the cooperations in detail and it becomes easy to use the ’ Documents registration ’ menu.

The Passangers transport can be expensive, but you can spare money to use this program, because you can organize the transport logically.’ Patient transport programming, registry ’ menu allows the effective patient transport.

The maintenance tasks doing is very difficult updately.The HCMC ’ Material, tools and work-ordering’ menu connects the concers in doing the task and gives update information.Personal administration isn’t necessary with its helping.

’Eventsdiary of the reception service, cleaning registry ’ menu helps the registration duties for the service centres’ reception service.

About the program of operation you can orientate in detail in our website, the title is: ’What is it used for?’.