Attendance-caring duties

HCMC gives facilities to registrate the full daily professional tasks from the planing.

Besides it can plan the phisical data, mental data professional data for every members circumstantially.From this data the program makes the personal caring plan wiht actual daily activities.To fulfill the task there is an aux-data base with filled up phrases. 

Over the caring duties,HCMC software is useful to make the caring plan and the finished tasks registrating.

HCMC gives help to fully medicine registry,daily attendande-caring duties, life phenomenon registration,decibitus attendance process.It can be used for daily tasks registry with the event diary leadig.

There are 5 menus and more than 30 aux-menus, which are variable free helping the experts in their registration tasks fully.It is very easy and effective. 

You can collect detailed information about how to use this modul about our informative film.