Fully data handling,scanned charge conditioning and realization of other service belong to the basic function.

Before you know the details of the HCMC, read the ’ what is this program? ’, because you can find some important information about the general operational conditions.

This program package can be used in the social section cared people effectively.

In these attendance forms:

  • Old people attendance, this programme package can help the IT data processing in the old people’s home in the personal caring documents completely from the pre-caring.

You can make the basic medicinal list, the registration of the medicines,write presciption,individual caring plan,social attendance documents,personal costs accounting,the nursling costs and money registration,doing the inventory list,making the institutional inventory list , etc.

This programme package can be used in the next attendance forms:

  • In handicapped attendance,personal caring supply,day time attendance,public attendance,temporary attendance,social feeding,domestic giving assistance,warning system domestis giving assistance,supporting service, where the activities’ documenting is done fully with the statistic data.Every data is editable.