Our service provides the data of social provision conditioning.

The H-Cloud-Mszoft-Complex Integrated Data Registration System (HCMC) is a software, which helps for personal caring experts in social attendance.It helps them for the data registration duties completely. Adapting the HCMC all necessary documentation,registration can be directed, which are prestibed by the operative rules of law.

The real advantages of using HCMC lie in the mixing most effective data registration with the legislative requirements and the professional practise.

The software is avaible by the cental server which is operated by us.This server connects to the Hungarian optical core cable,so the software can relay and control the data at full speed.The system is very safe, because if there is a problem, an isolated server is  on the alert to take over the operation duties. Last years it worked very well.

Our services:

  • HCMC program package 24 h access insuring for one or more users at the same time.
  • Data storing safely, full data protection.
  • Monitoring continuously the using of HCMC.
  • HCMC program package development with the rules of law changing.
  • HCMC program package development for the requests of users. 

Using the HCMC can admit of the IT support can be employed completely by the users, independently of the technical equipment of computers.

Working of the HCMC you need a browser programme (for example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) and Internet access.

The data registries is made in Excel format by the HCMC, so these are easily well arranged,and constuctive freely.( A free version is avaible on the Internet) https://products.office.com/hu-hu/office-online/documents-spreadsheets-presentations-office-online 

The HCMC software follows the experts’ work in data registry, so it can help more effective to the operation.

The HCMC modul system contains the duties in the same data registry. For he users can be avaible those menus, which fit in their tasks in this way, the HCMC is easy of attainment.

The data handling can fulfill in all windows in the same order. It simplyfies the using of HCMC, too.

„Helping” window can be found at every data recording window, which traces fully the data recording duties.

In moduls you can select  the actual data recording window from the duty-groups.The  access title can be set to actual task level for every experts .You can find the sub-menu on the right side, with a special browser zone. It makes the using easier.

The HCMC is very well arranged, the finished duties can be controllable.Using the HCMC,the up to date data system materializes.HCMC gives possibility from the duty-planing to the data fulfillment to the detailed data reporting in the social services.

The most important advantage of using the HCMC that the practising expenses is less than a skilled workman’s wages in a month. It is a fully IT service with minimal cost.